What is The Jewhu?

Isra-el means the one who struggles with God. The interpretation of the Jewish texts is part of Jewish tradition as is the doubting and re-examination.  This tradition is upkept in The Jewhu Blog (JewHu – JEWish HUManist): On this site I will try to follow the weekly Parashat Ha Shavua (Jewish traditional weekly readings of the scripture) and give deliberations of other kinds on Jewish religion.  It aims to take a so called secular and humanist reading of Judaism, without trying to claim that the many people who believe in God or their traditions are simply to be discarded, nor taking the arrogant stance that science has all.     The commentary is written week by week.  Doubt in this case may not be the start of believe but certainly a sign of cultural appreciation.  In other words in the view of the writers it is not all bad and it is not all good, nor God in the Old Testament.  At times there is sheer objection to the way the world was explained 1000s of years ago, sometimes though one can find great value ad wisdom too.

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