Earthquakes are supposedly God’s rage. Kol Ha Moeid Sukkot. Ezekiel 38:18-39

English: earthquake focus

English: earthquake focus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So natural phenomena are assigned to godly powers, which are instituted against the invasion of Gog’s troops:

38:18 “On that day when Gog attacks the land of Israel, the heat of my rage will boil over…..  I declare there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel…”

Put in the context of its time, they may have had no other explanation for earthquakes, in deed most human societies had similar explanations.  So I take it as an anthropological and historical curiosity how ancient people understood this.  I am adamant that we as know better today how earthquakes come to be that we completely reject any claims on complete truth here.  We are in touch and privileged to consider ancient civilisations thoughts, but it is not more than that.

In deed the argument is continued n 38:22 when we read how troops will encounter torrents of rain, hail, fire and brimstone.  Not the least we know that earthquakes did occur and that volcanic activity was known of course also in ancient times.  To assume that God would just kill in order to prove himself, even would put the sword of each brother against brother,  or give the killed as food to the birds and others rather than make beautiful wonders to win people over is a rather disappointing thought.

Perhaps after wars and pests in deed birds and animals would pick on dead bodies.

We are then reminded again in Ezekiel 39 about the historicity of this passage.  The talk of bows and arrows can not be held accurate for some time and at best be understood metaphorical.  But clearly there was a time of bows and arrows.

One could imagine a competition of interpretation of natural phenomena.  Israel’s preferred way it is God’s punishment or rage against somebody.

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