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Skin-disease and Hygiene: Tazria (Lev.12 1-13:59), Metzora 14.1-15.33 and Second Kings 4:42 – 5:19

“Am I god, with power over life and death, that this fellow wants me to cure a man over a skin disease?” …
Packaged within the laws of access to the tabernacle these are of course hygienic inspections whose aim must have been the isolation and reduction of the spread of diseases that were crippling and potentially fatal in the age prior to antibiotics and access to clean water. Continue reading

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Pesach – Passover

Veira and Bo give indications on the in depth reading. However what is Passover to most a festival of liberation.  This it also was to the slaves in the Americas, who developed some well known Spiritual Gospels out of it. … Continue reading

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Sh’mini Lev. 9:1 to 11:47 – שְּׁמִינִי

On dietary:
“Philo of Alexandria and Maimonides both have indicated centuries ago that the reason behind these is for two reasons, self-restraint and health. The first is to teach in a physical way that there should be limits to one’s desire, and to accept both that certain animals are off limits in terns of purity and secondly that one is to eat special foods during certain times.”
On Nadab and Abihu
“By mocking or fooling around with this, they put the cult’s credibility under threat, based on the fear of people from metaphysical forces. Given such immense threat and the investment of Moses into building the cult, mocking it and fooling around with the basis of its source of authority (god in the smoke and fire pillars), are very serious, especially if others had noticed it. Sacrificing people as close to Moses as Aarons.” Continue reading

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Vayikra – Lev. 1:1-5:26 and Tzav Lev. 6:1- 8:36

Animal sacrifice to please god and excuse short comings. Human heritage has almost universally included animal sacrifices in all cultures.  The Israelite ritual slaughter for God ended over 2000 years ago with the destruction of the temple. I find nothing … Continue reading

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Vayka’heil Ex.35:1-38:2 יַּקְהֵל-

The issues with tabernacle are the same as in the earlier trumah-and-tetzaveh The main difference being that the tabernacle is now being built, the Israelites giving supposedly “freely” donations. I think free is still relative, so soon after the violent … Continue reading

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